Colleen Wiessmann — Contemporary Abstracts
Our next workshop will be Sat., November 17 at 10 a.m. at Stallsville
United Methodist Church.


Colleen Wiessmann is a contemporary abstract fine artist. She was born and raised in northern New Jersey and currently lives on Seabrook Island in South Carolina.  She has been active in the arts her entire life. After studying at the school of the New York Botanical Gardens, Colleen worked as an interior landscaper for 25 years, which gave her a love of texture
and design.

Colleen likes to tell a story in her abstract paintings, through words, lines and symbols. She creates abstracts with acrylics, inks, wax, oil and various textured materials. Colleen uses collage and layering techniques to create dimensional artwork to capture the viewer’s eye and emotion.

The inspiration for her artwork comes from memories deep inside herself, experiences and spirituality. By channeling her energy into the creative process, Colleen’s work becomes both a part of her and a reflection of life as seen through an artist’s eye. As an artist, her goal is to make you look beyond the surface and feel the emotions hiding within each painting.

Colleen Wiessmann was president of the Seabrook Island Artist Guild for eight years and has won many awards; including best of show.  Wiessmann’s work is in private and corporate collections. Her website is  She can be reached at 201-787-1066.