this month…

Also at Flowertown, we raffled off the 3 gorgeous paintings donated to the Guild by artist James Pratt. The lucky winners were:
Kirk Hanson of Goose Creek, winner of the big painting, “Peaceful Time.” Dave Crawford of Summerville and Katie Longshore of Orangeburg won the two still life paintings. Congratulations to all!


The crowd at Flowertown Festival, 2019. For the first time, the Guild was there!

A couple dozen years ago I purchased a used drafting table from a fellow graphic designer for the ridiculous price of 25 dollars.  It had quite a few nicks from an exacto knife, but could slant at any angle or go flat for ink and watercolors. I’ve done plenty of art and wrapped hundreds of gifts on its generous width and weight. I’m still using it, and it turned out to be the best 25 dollars I ever spent.

It struck me lately that maybe the Guild could be a clearinghouse for tools and equipment we’re ready to pass on. Other groups advertise equipment amongst themselves, why shouldn’t we?  We could use a page on the website for the purpose.  If there’s equipment you’d like to donate or sell, send me an email at

Another experiment we’ve tried recently was letting folks know about the Guild at the Flowertown Festival. It was a long, rainy weekend for us, but I suspect we’ll do it again next year. We’re not for everyone, but it was heartening to have folks stop by our tent and say, “We’re so glad to know you’re here. We’re interested.”  And the Guild has been around since the late 1970s.  A big thank-you to everyone on the Board who agreed to let us try this experiment in search of new members. Special thanks to Jan Kelley, Carla Hood, Sherri Bardsley, Kitty Lonergan, Sandra Carter, Karen Robison, Joan Wiseman, Desiree Thomas, Waverly Brown and Leonard and Bob and Becky Sharpe and for helping us out at the tent. Paul Hood is an honorary member now for helping keep us out of the mud. Thanks also to Jan Dalton for loaning us her tent walls.  Get a load of the crowd in the photo above!