this month…

As many of you know, there is no all-member meeting in January.  Instead, traditionally the Guild hosts its New Members Meeting on the first Thursday; this year that’s January 3, 2019, 7 p.m. at Stallsville United Methodist Church, our usual place. This can be a Q&A: your chance to ask questions of your Board members, and is also a chance for us to find out how we can best create a Guild that helps YOU. Many great new ideas, like the Forum, were generated at New Member Meetings. SAG has been active in the Summerville area since 1975.

Well, we’ve got a torn-up kitchen and one of our bathrooms is working, but looks very ugly as it waits for a tile job.  So renovations have been on my mind.  Renovations can be so frustrating.  Time is needed to order the right materials, precise measurements have to be made.  And even if you can do a lot yourself, you always seem to end up waiting around for a plumber, an electrician, or other specialist before the job can be finished.

But as we experience New Year’s, the desire for a more personal sort of renovation springs up: artworks left undone; new techniques I’ve been meaning to try.  Whether we call it personal improvement or renovation, the darkest season of the year is when my mind starts making lists of things to do for self-improvement.  

Maybe you like to make New Year’s resolutions, or work through a personal bucket list. Whatever your preference, please remember the Guild can help with that.  Two more artist workshops are scheduled for early 2019, along with a stimulating list of field trips.  If you’ve never gone to Tuesday Paint or the Forum, maybe it’s time to check them out.  Many artists prefer to work alone, but the camaraderie and helpful suggestions from like-minded others can unlock doors and open your mind to exciting possibilities for your art.  The Guild can help—let us be what you need to move forward.

A safe and happy holiday season to all,
Denise Jacob, president
Summerville Artist Guild