Artist Demonstration

May 2: Jan Dalton

A lot of Jan Dalton’s inspirations come from local attractions. Our plantations offer a wonderful variety of subjects including beautiful grounds with gorgeous flowers and an abundance of wildlife. Animals have always played a big role in Jan’s life since childhood and appear often in her artwork.

Jan’s Batik inspiration came from a visit to the zoo. She was off to explore her favorite subjects. “All of God’s creatures big and small. The lions, the tigers, the flamingos, Oh my!” Glorious colors; rich yet delicate; there is only one way to express it. Jan uses a Batik watercolor on rice paper.

Jan Dalton is primarily a self-taught artist. She uses many different media in the creation of her art. When a medium or style catches Jan’s eye, especially if she’s not familiar with it, she has a driving need to try it. Jan currently shows at Art Central Fine Art Gallery, 130 Central Ave, Summerville. She is an active member of the Summerville Artist Guild.
843-696-6445 in Summerville, South Carolina